Pros and cons of weekday weddings

Pros and cons of weekday weddings

Weekend weddings are all the rage, with Saturdays being the most popular by a long shot. But couples haven’t totally discredited the idea of a weekday wedding. In fact, while they are often considered difficult, weekday weddings are quite do-able!

Perhaps you’ve chosen a special date for a sentimental reason, or you just are not willing to let go of your dream venue even if it means an “inconvenient” date. Whatever the reason for your weekday wedding, we’re sure you’ll pull it off.

If you’re on the fence about whether the weekday wedding will work for you, here are some pros and cons to help you find your way:


– Much cheaper 

Vendors, venues, and hotels will all be much cheaper during the week. Most companies and service providers in the wedding industry are likely to charge much less on a weekday. Saving money? That’s always a plus!

– More availability 

Your planning and co-ordination will consist of less back and forth calls and appointments because wedding service providers are more readily available on weekdays. Weekday weddings are uncommon, so you’ll have vendors almost completely to yourself!

– Good for intimate weddings 

It’s likely that quite a few people won’t be able to make it, so you’ll be left with a smaller crowd. Of course all your nearest and dearest will make the effort to be there, which means it’s only those who you are not that close to you who won’t pull through. This means your wedding will only have guests who intimately know you. It could turn out being even more special that you ever imagined.


– Lower attendance 

If you’ve always wanted a massive wedding, then a weekday is a big no. Many guests won’t make it during the week.

– Might end earlier 

People have obligations the next day and thus may leave earlier than they would at a weekend wedding. It could bring your celebrations to a close before you’re ready to end the night.

– Quiet crowd 

Your guests will be attending your wedding after school, work and other such daily tasks. This means they might be a bit tired and low energy. If you’re fine with a quieter crowd, then go for it! But if you want loud cheers and overly excited onlookers, then a weekday wedding may not be for you.

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