Proposal mistakes you should avoid

Proposal mistakes you should avoid

You’d think it would be difficult to make a mistake with an occasion like this. It’s one of the biggest events in your life, so of course you’d ensure that nothing could go wrong.

But planning the perfect proposal can be stressful. This stress could cause you to make some silly mistakes.

To be one-hundred percent sure that things run smoothly as you pop the big question, have a look at these common mistakes you should avoid:

– Asking for too much advice 

If you get too many opinions, your plan will be a bit of a mess and you’ll get confused about the right thing to do. Remember that you know your partner better than most people, which means that you know what they would like and what they wouldn’t. Trust your gut!

– Overcomplicating things 

If your plan consists of too many twists and turns, there is a much larger chance that silly slip ups can be made. Keep it simple and meaningful.

Additionally, your nerves may stop you from being on top of your game. A complicated plan will only aggravate the nerves.

– Planing a public proposal without being 100% sure of the answer 

If you’re a little uncertain about your partner’s answer, but you’re risking it anyway then a public proposal is probably not the best route to take. Since there is a slight chance, however small, of a negative answer you should save yourself some discomfort and plan a more intimate proposal.

– Proposing without having spoken about marriage before 

You should never just assume your partner wants to get married. If you have never discussed marriage as a couple, it is a very bad idea to propose. You never know what their feelings on marriage could be.

– Hiding the ring too well 

If you want your partner to stumble upon the ring, then be sure to hide it strategically. Don’t put it in a place they will never find it, it’ll ruin your plan completely.

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