Nurse proposes during clap for essential workers

Nurse proposes during clap for essential workers

Essential workers, including nurses, across the world have been separated from their loved ones for months, on account of COVID-19. Many are living away from their partners and children as they reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to the ones they care for the most.

Alyssa Kayhill and Linh Trinh are one such couple. Kayhill was a nurse in the cardiology unit of a New York hospital, Brooklyn Hospital Centre. When the pandemic hit, Kayhill was was transferred to care for COVID-19 patients, and Trinh moved out of the apartment that the couple shared.

As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. During the time they were apart, Kayhill decided it was time to make it official.

She immediately started planning an epic proposal, which fell in Pride Month and on Kayhill’s birthday. Kayhill’s sister, Kristie Loscalzo,  suggested that she get on one knee during the nightly applause for essential workers.

“The 7 p.m. cheer has always been very uplifting to me, so it was wonderful to combine that with the proposal,” said Kayhill to the New York Post.

On June 8, Loscalzo helped Trinh move back into her apartment with Kayhill, as it was deemed safe to do so. She staged it as a surprise for Kayhill. Little did Trinh know, she was the one who would receive the surprise of a lifetime.

As she walked up to Kayhill to gift her with some flowers, people applauded and Kayhill got down on one knee.

“I had zero idea this was going to happen,” Trinh said. “And even though I am a shy person who hates being the center of attention, it was really beautiful.”

Of course, she said yes! The couple are now back in the same apartment and planning to start wedding preparations as soon as it’s safe to have big celebrations again.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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