How to choose a men's wedding band

How to choose a men’s wedding band

Considering that your wedding band should last a lifetime, it’s no easy task finding your perfect fit – especially if you’re a guy, or shopping for your beau’s ring. Here, our best advice to ensure you buy a ring to cherish forever.

1 It’s all about lifestyle and personality…

Before you even step into a store, ask yourself:
• Does your husband-to-be wear jewellery?
• What type of career does he have – is he a creative or a nine-to-five businessman?
• Is he flashy or does he prefer to stay under the radar?
The answers to these questions will help you determine the type of ring you should choose. If your guy frequents an office every day, chances are he already owns a number of other jewellery items so you can easily suss out his style, while if he works with his hands a lot, he might not want something that feels bulky on his hand or that looks overly complicated.

2 and value

So we all know that when it comes to a woman’s engagement ring and wedding band, no expense is spared. From the simple band bearing only a diamond to the ornately carved band encrusted with stones, the value can reach crazy heights. But for a men’s band, it’s all about practicality – something that’s durable and easy to wear – such as these three metals:
• Gold – the lower the karat, the more durable a gold band is. It seems so wrong but it’s actually true.
• Silver – the most common metal for grooms’ bands, silver looks masculine but isn’t as durable as gold.
• Titanium – Affordable and durable, titanium offers the best of both worlds and looks great too.

Afrogem 1

A special day deserves a special memento and his wedding band should tell a ton about who he is. If you’re still unsure, head to a high-end retailer or jeweller who can show you options depending on your guy’s personality and preferences.

TRY, main image: 9ct hand-made organic wedding band R12 000 (for white-gold), R11 000 (for rose gold), R11 500 (for yellow gold), all Afrogem; second image: 9ct white- and rose-gold Hand-hammered set with 0.10ct diamond R 27 900, Afrogem

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