Must-have items to add to your wedding registry

Must-have items to add to your wedding registry

A wedding registry is to help newlyweds start of their new life together. From travel-lovers to foodies, homebodies the eco-friendly, gifts are always tailored to the specific couple.

However, there are a few essential items that every couple needs, regardless of their likes and dislikes. If you’re making your own registry, here are some key items to include.

For the kitchen:

– A coffee plunger

– Measuring cups/spoons

– pots and pans

– an egg cooker

– knife set

– glass Tupperware line

– mortor and pestle

– cutting board

– rolling pin

– cabinet organisers

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For entertaining:

– A set of glassware

– Set of cutlery

– crockery

– serving spoons

– cake stand

– serving board

– table runners

– cheese board

– speaker

– coasters

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For the home:

– A cosy blanket

– scatter cushions

– a mirror

– portable chargers

– artwork

– houseplants

– towel sets

– air purifier

– linen sheets

– photo frames

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