Mother's lost wedding ring found in backyard after 34 years

Mother’s lost wedding ring found in backyard after 34 years

A Scottish family were granted a stroke of good luck when their late matriarch’s wedding ring was found in the garden of her home, 34 years after she lost it.

Mary Cunningham passed away in 2017, and is survived by son Phil Cunningham and daughter Laura Cunningham-Brown. She married her husband Jack in 1950 and had worn her wedding band ever since. Unfortunately, she lost her ring in 1986.

Fast forward 34 years, the new owners of Mary’s home happened upon the gold band in their garden, reports South West News Service (SWNS). They had been digging a new patio in their yard when they discovered the ring sitting in the mud. They then tracked down Phil to return the ring, to his complete surprise.

“We are all really thrilled, it totally came out of the blue. Such a lot has happened since she lost the ring, I had kind of forgotten about it. She saw the inscription and knew my mum’s name was Mary so tracked us down,” Phil told SWNS.

The return came soon after the family marked the three-year anniversary of Mary’s passing, making it even more emotional. Phil said that his mother would have been so happy to know the ring was back with the family after so long.

Phil’s sister Laura now proudly wears the ring.

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