How to pull off the 'Natural glam' makeup look

How to pull off the ‘Natural glam’ makeup look

‘Natural’ and ‘glam’ are two words that are seemingly opposites, yet an entire makeup style is dedicated to bringing these two styles together. This makeup style is perfect for the bride wanting a touch of glamour without feeling like they are wearing too much makeup.

It is typically characterised by a soft brown blown-out smokey eye and false lashes, paired with a natural skin finish. A bold, full brow helps to frame the face.

The key is to opt for a dewy-finish foundation with medium coverage and keep the skin makeup light. Don’t go crazy with the undereye concealer and use bronzer instead of contour for a softer finish. Use your perfect nude lipstick to complete the look. Top it with a gloss to look extra sweet.

Here are some tutorials to help you pull it off:

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