How to pick your perfect wedding shoe

How to pick your perfect wedding shoe

On your wedding day, everything is a big deal – including the shoes hiding beneath your gorgeous gown. Don’t sigh with relief after the arduous dress-choosing task is complete, you still have your feet to think about. Ahead lies a world of options…

There are a number of factors to consider before choosing your shoe, here are our key things to keep in mind:


You’re gonna wear these shoes all day, so make sure they’re actually comfortable. And by this, we mean you’re able to walk in them and stand for hours at a time without feeling like your toes are screaming for help. If you’re not used to wearing stilettos, a block heel is perfect to complete the look without the pressure on your heel.

Location and weather:

Having a beach wedding? Stilletto heels may sink into the sand. On the other hand, sneakers maybe a touch too informal for a grand ballroom. It’s important to keep your wedding venue in mind when picking your shoes, as it will go hand in hand with making sure you’re comfortable. Don’t neglect to consider the weather, as you don’t want your toes to freeze off in open shoes during your winter wedding.

Your dress:

The length and cut of your dress will greatly determine the style of your shoe and how visible you want it to be. A tea-length or short gown means your feet will be on display, so you have the option of going for a fun heel. Alternatively, a floor-sweeping gown will cover your feet, so the style of shoe is not as important. Make sure to take your shoes with you when going for a dress fitting to avoid a hemline that is too short.


Arguably one of the most important factors is sticking to your budget. You don’t want to break the bank on a shoe you might not wear again, so remember to set some boundaries before you go shoe shopping.

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