How to ask for cash instead of a physical wedding gifts

How to ask for cash instead of physical wedding gifts

Planning a wedding is expensive, not to mention the honeymoon and the new life you’ll build together afterward. It’s easily understandable why many couples would prefer a cash gift instead of a physical gift on their wedding day.

It can sometimes feel a bit classless to ask for money, but it doesn’t need to be. However, it’s important to do it the right way to avoid offending some older family members or putting pressure on anyone to contribute more than they were originally willing to spend on a gift.

Here are some tips to get that big tip at the end of your big day:

Don’t ask for money on your wedding invitation

The wedding invitation is to introduce your upcoming union and is all about the good vibes. Adding a clause that you’re expecting cash from your guests can be construed a bit tasteless. Instead, set up a wedding website where you can include a link to a cash registry or banking details of an account set up specifically for the cash gifts.

Let your guests know how you plan to spend the money

While you don’t owe anyone an explanation, giving your guests a general idea of how you plan to spend the money might make them more willing to contribute. For example, if it’s a honeymoon fund for a dream vacation or house renovations fund, your guests will know that their money is going toward something important.

It could also be a good idea to set up a specific target amount, with a live tracker displaying how close you are to your goal. Some might feel even more willing to contribute if they know you are closer to reaching your dream.

Use a cash registry

If you feel awkward asking for money outright, you can easily direct your guests to your cash registry on your wedding website. There are sites that run it all for you, so all you need to do is fill in the details and add the link, and voilà. Try out South African sites like Wrapistry or Gift Tree.

Set up cash boxes at your reception

Some people don’t trust online banking or are simply not technologically-savvy. Give your older guests an in-person option by setting up a cash donation box at your reception. You’ll need your wedding planner or a minder to keep an eye over the box throughout the evening to make sure the money stays safe.

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