Have a camping-themed wedding

Have a camping-themed wedding

If you and your partner are avid campers, you might want your big day to reflect your adventurous spirits. With summer drawing near, it’s the perfect time to have an outdoor wedding.

Celebrating your love for each other with your friends and family out in nature, doing what you love. What more could you want?

You are also likely to save some money as your down-to-earth decor, food and attire will be more budget-friendly. Here are some tips to help you plan.

Firstly, you’ll need to keep some practical things in mind:

– If your wedding is in a forest, mountain or bushveld location, the terrain might be uneven and high heels are not ideal.

– There will probably be bugs and mosquitoes!

– Only make fires where it is legal and safe to do so.

– Check the weather for wind and rain.

– If it is a remote location, clear directions will need to be given to guests and vendors.

– If you expect guests to hike anywhere at all, make sure everyone is fit and healthy enough to do so. Also, make sure everyone is told this information explicitly and are comfortable with it.

How to set up the perfect camping style wedding:

– Attire

You can decide how formal or informal you want the wedding to be. It is likely to be slightly more informal, as camping is usually a low-key activity. Dress comfortably, but don’t skimp! A boho style works well. You can still wear that magical dress – it’s your day after all. Inform your guests that ‘smart casual’ is accepted.

– Food

Camp food time! Think slow roasts, pies or even something as simple as hot dogs or burgers. This is not a 5-star buffet. Don’t forget to roast marshmallows! Everything should be quick and easy, but flavourful and simply delicious. Speak to your caterer about what’s feasible for your location, and try stick with food that can be prepped off-site beforehand.

– Drinks

During summer, think cold and refreshing soft drinks and beers. Get creative with the drinks station to keep with the theme, such as a rowboat or hammock. You can also use picnic baskets to hold drinks or hand out coffee flasks or travel mugs for guests to drink from.

– Decor

This is where rough meets chic. You can have all the adventure, plus all the beauty! Let nature be your backdrop, and keep extras minimal. Decorate tables with wooden items and use theme-inspired pieces like lanterns, flashlights and boots for a cute feel. Stick with greens, browns and other neutral colours to blend with the environment.

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