Give yourself a pamper session at home

Give yourself a pamper session at home

It’s a stressful time for the world right now. As the days progress, we become more and more uncertain of what’s happening. In times like these, it’s even more important to take care of yourself.

Having a pamper day may seem unimportant and unnecessary, but doing small things for yourself can help improve your mood and mindset. To relax and unwind, here’s how you can spoil yourself from the comfort of your own home.

Get rid of electronic distractions:

The constant ping of your cellphone will detract from your “treat yo’self” day, so best switch it off for now. By switching off your phone, you also allow your mind to switch off. The news can be quite heavy nowadays, and the constant barrage of bad news in particular can unknowingly add anxiety to your day. Give your mind a little holiday.

Make sure to let your people know that you’ll be switching your phone off for the day so that no one is worried about your lack of replies. If necessary, set up an ‘out of office’ automation so that your work contacts know you cannot be reached.

Set the scene:

Sometimes the right vibe is all you need. Before getting to the good stuff, the quickest way to brighten. mood is by cleaning the room you plan on relaxing in. The act of cleaning in itself relaxes some, but the key part of this is the result. With a clean, organised space, your mind will feel more at ease and less distracted.

Now that the chores are done, let’s have some fun! Throw on your favourite album or playlist, get into your comfiest sweats and maybe even light some candles.

A luxurious bubble bath:

Baths are truly magical. If you’re lucky enough to have a bath, make sure to dedicate an hour of your time to soak in it. Pour in some bubble bath or a bath bomb for extra luxury, and settle down with a good book or magazine. Throw in some rose petals for an extra special touch.

No bubble bath or bath bomb? Make your own! Mix a cup of liquid body wash, 1/4 cup pure vegetable glycerin, 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract and essential oils of your choice to get the bubbles going.

Homemade facemask:

If you were too distracted panic buying toilet paper to buy face masks, don’t worry. There are so many easy and natural masks you can quickly whip up at home.

Typical homemade face mask ingredients include greek yoghurt, banana, honey, olive oil and avocados as bases, which you probably already have at home anyway. Customise with other ingredients like coffee, cinnamon, pumpkin or aloe vera or sugar to create masks for whatever finish you desire.

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