Fried chicken, jelly and deadlifts: Inside a CrossFit wedding

Fried chicken, jelly and deadlifts: Inside a CrossFit wedding

For some, fitness isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. No matter the place, it’s always a good time to get some pumps in. This CrossFit loving couple truly agree with this sentiment, so much so that they decided to have a deadlift competition at their wedding reception.

Ericka and Caleb Sommer from Colorado, USA, are both devout Cross-Fitters. The pair even met at a gym that they now run together. Of course, when it came time to tie the knot, they knew they wanted to incorporate their love of fitness.

The happy couple. Credit: Adam Houseman

“We wanted the ceremony to reflect our personalities — hungry, outgoing, and a little bit crazy,” Ericka told Popsugar.

So how do you incorporate their unique personalities? Well, first, their officiant fed Ericka fried chicken during the ceremony. “He knew I’d be hungry if we stood too long in our 20-minute ceremony, so he brought me a snack.”

Mid-ceremony fried chicken snack. Credit: Adam Houseman

She must have needed that protein for their next standout moment: a choreographed first-dance featuring a mini-dodgeball game between the bride and groom. As the pièce de résistance, the pair also had a Jell-O-eating contest, an ode to their favourite activity to do together: competitive eating. Following this, the pair go head-to-head yet again, this time in a deadlifting contest.

Deadlifting contest. Credit: Adam Houseman
Deadlifting contest. Credit: Adam Houseman

“No one remembers you slow dancing to an Ed Sheeran song,” she says. “People remember you deadlifting in your wedding dress and diving on the floor to go face deep in a pie pan of colors-that-stain Jell-O.”

Chest bumping away fro their first dance. Credit: Adam Houseman

The pair also drank pre-workout shots with their guests instead of alcohol.

Pre-workout shots instead of alcohol for the wedding guests. Credit: Adam Houseman

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