Fresh as a daisy

Fresh as a daisy

How to make a chair posy.

What you’ll need

• Fresh flowers and foliage

• Floral tape

• Floral wire

• Ribbon

• Pins


1. In this case, we used wild olive tree leaves (Olea africana), a rose (Rosaceae), rosemary (Rosemaryinus officinalis) and trailing amaranth (Amaranthus). If you wish to use more flowers, just make sure you use odd numbers, such as one, three or five flowers, in your posy.

2. Gather your flowers and wrap them together with floral tape.

3. Add your greens (olive leaves, rosemary and amaranth) or whatever filler you have chosen. These can be placed between the flowers or underneath the flowers.

4. Wrap it all together with floral tape and trim the stems if needed. Wrap the ribbon and secure the whole posy with a pin.

TIP: Use the floral wire to support the flower heads if they are drooping

Chair posy made by Floral Affairs. Contact them on [email protected] or visit

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