Engagement rings survive San Francisco wildfires

Engagement rings survive San Francisco wildfires

The California wildfires left devastation as it burned through various parts of the state. In San Francisco, a couple and their children lost everything when flames taller than trees engulfed their home in August. However all was not lost, as they recently discovered their engagement rings survived the fire.

Jason and Chloe Caroll were forced to evacuate their Vacaville home with their two young sons as the LNU Lightning Complex fires ravaged the area. In their haste, they left their wedding rings behind in a basket in their bathroom. When they returned to retrieve the rings two days later, they found their home had burnt down to the ground.

They thought they lost all their possessions but while sifting through the rubble, Chloe’s aunt Denise discovered their rings exactly where the bathroom once stood.

“I didn’t imagine something can be discovered, and I believed if it was discovered, it would be melted to nothing,” Jason told LadBible.

“I thought for sure they’d be gone. I thought they’d be melted,” added Chloe. “I acquired one thing that I believed was utterly gone. It offers you a bit of ‘we can do this’. It offers you a bit of hope.”

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