Elaborate proposal caught on Google Maps

Elaborate proposal caught on Google Maps

Proposals are always meaningful, and it’s great to have a photographer capture that special moment. But what if Google is your photographer? One German man was surprised to discover that his epic proposal was caught on Google Maps.

32-year-old part-time farmer Steffen Schwarz proposed to his partner last May with a dramatic proposal that involved a public message and drones. Schwartz used a corn-planting machine to write a message into his two-hectare (five-acre) field in Huettenberg, central Germany that would be visible aerially. The message read “Will you marry me?” in German. Schwartz then had his girlfriend fly a drone over the field to read the message. Of course, she said yes.

“At first she couldn’t see it [the proposal] because the drone wasn’t flying high enough. But when she realised, she said yes immediately,” Schwartz told German news agency DPA.

The story would have ended there if it weren’t for Schwartz’s aunt. His relative was on Google Maps and happened to come across an image of Schwartz’s proposal!

The couple plan to marry in June 2020, and will once again pull out their drone for some epic photography.

Feature image: Google Maps

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