Don't cancel your wedding, live stream it

Don’t cancel your wedding, live stream it

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in countries getting locked down and many others placing restrictions on gatherings. Unfortunately this means many weddings have to be cancelled. If you’re considering cancelling your wedding, why not live stream the service instead?

Previously, live streaming was used at weddings for relatives who couldn’t make it but wanted to be part of the ceremony all the same. Here is how you can adapt your wedding for these quarantined times.

-Decide what to live stream 

It is considered best practice to only live stream the ceremony as the reception is not as important or interesting to those who aren’t there. This especially applies if you are going to have very few people in attendance so keep the camera rolling until the end of the I do’s only.

-Where should I live stream? 

There are many options when it comes to a live stream. While social media channels offer this as an option, it might be easier to use an “open” platform that anyone can click onto rather than needing a specific account. This means that with a little help Granny and Grandpa can watch too!

A great option is creating a YouTube channel for your wedding and making it private. You can send the link of the channel to your guests via email or WhatsApp specifying the time you will begin the ceremony so they know when to be ready to watch.

– How should I set up the live stream? 

To live stream you will need either a computer with a webcam or a mobile with the YouTube app, whichever you choose will need an internet connection.

A good idea would be sourcing a smartphone with a decent camera and a tripod that you can fix it to, preferably with a charging connection. This means you won’t need someone to hold the camera, thus avoiding the handshakes.

-Tech maid of honour 

While you are trying to keep the number of people in the room down, it would be beneficial to have a designated person who can keep an eye on the live stream and make sure nothing goes wrong. They could also be put in charge of setting it up so you don’t have to worry about it.

-Check with your venue

If you are going to live stream at the venue you originally planned, with a downscaled guest list, confirm that you will be allowed to live stream as some venues have specific rules with regards to their space.


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