Delicious DIY drink ideas to serve your guests

Delicious DIY drink ideas to serve your guests

Planning your wedding to the last detail can greatly help to cut down costs. Importantly, not everything needs to be outsourced, You can easily serve up some delicious DIY drinks to your guests, adding an extra interactive element to your big day.

Not only will it save you costs, but this will also create a fun vibe and you won’t have people complaining that eadrink menu did not have their favourite drink. Here are 5 DIY drinks your guest can make for themselves.

Cool lemonade 

For the non-drinkers and possibly children (if you will have them at your wedding) a cold lemonade is always a winner, it is very easy to make and you can easily be creative when making it. Another plus about this drink is that you don’t need a lot of ingredients. All you need are some lemons, water, and sugar/syrup.

Cut the lemons in half and then juice them.  Pour water and stir in sugar. Continue stirring until sugar is dissolved and the liquid looks clear again. Combine sugar solution with lemon juice. When ready to serve, add water to taste.


This lovely two ingredients cocktail is a favorite amongst champagne lovers. It is easy to make. All you need is some chapmpagne and orange juice.

Ensure both ingredients are well chilled, then mix into the glass. Serve cold. To get the best taste, stir and not shake. For the ambiance you can add cherries, grenadine, strawberries
Gin bar
For gin lovers, Here’s an easy option that only requires one main ingredient and that is gin. Have mint, rosemary, and basil ready, slice up limes, lemons, and grapefruit to let guests add a refreshing twist to the classic. Look at how you can set up a gin bar.
This is a sweet cocktail that is also very easy to make. It has versatility because you can have it as a non-alchoholic beverage but you can also add  your rum. You will need white rum, lime juice, sugar, mint leaves and soda water.
Whiskey cocktails
For guests who like hard liquor, this is the perfect thing for them. If you are tired of drinking it in shots, you can make cocktails out of them. You can have whiskey with apple tiser or red bull. The options are endless.
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