Couple stage Lindt bunny wedding after cancelling own

Couple stage Lindt bunny wedding after cancelling own

The show must go on in any way possible, right? This couple took a humorous approach to their postponed wedding by having a miniature wedding in quarantine…for their wedding favours.

Frankie and Mark, living in Thailand, were scheduled to marry in the UK. Of course, with the coronavirus outbreak, their wedding had to be postponed. The couple were left with 115 Lindt bunnies they had planned to use as wedding favours. While disappointed that their wedding could not go on as planned, the pair decided to have a little fun and lighten the mood.

They lined all the bunnies up and staged a mini wedding, complete with a veil for the bunny bride.

“We decided to stage some recreations – mainly to stop us just scoffing the whole lot of them.” Mark told Metro UK.

Mark shared the big day on social media, writing, “So our wedding has been postponed for obvious reasons and we had 115 chocolate Lindt bunnies as wedding favours – time for a bunny wedding of course!”

This wasn’t the end of the bunnies day. They then hopped onto an ark (while maintaining safe social deistancing, naturally) and even competed in the Bunny Olympics.

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