Coronavirus-era wedding guest etiquette

Coronavirus-era wedding guest etiquette

It’s likely that the coronavirus pandemic will change the way of weddings forever. Now more than ever, it is important to abide by certain rules and regulations in order to stay safe. This means that wedding etiquette must change too.

Whether you’re attending a very small function in person or you’re watching a virtual ceremony, there are certain aspects of etiquette you’ll want to follow. Lest your friends or family consider you rude; you wouldn’t want that right?

If you’re wondering what coronavirus-era wedding guest etiquette looks like, not to worry. Here’s what to do:

For attending a wedding in person: 

– Keep those masks on!

It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling to hear each other, or if people can’t see you smiling. Protecting each other’s health and wellbeing is the most important thing.

– Greeting

You may feel it a bit uncomfortable to not congratulate the couple with a hug, or greet other guests with a handshake or hug too. However, safety regulations dictate that no such physical contact should occur. This means you don’t have to worry about being rude when it comes to greeting. Stick to a chat or an elbow bump.

– Not attending

If you’ve been invited but do not feel comfortable attending an in-person function, be sure to let the couple know as soon as you possibly can. Since events are limited in the number of people who may be present, the couple will surely have somebody who can fill your seat. Be polite but honest that the circumstances make you uncomfortable and worried for your health. They will most definitely understand.

You may, however, still need to send a gift to the couple. Depending on how close you are, you can decide if it is appropriate or required.

– Best not share photos

The couple may have had to cut important guests from the list in order to abide by minimum number requirements. Avoid offending other friends and family by refraining from posting any images online, unless the couple directly gives you permission to do so.

For attending a virtual wedding: 


It remains important to let the couple know you will be attending, despite the fact that it won’t affect their budget. This is simply good manners.

– Don’t share the link

If you’ve been sent a Zoom link or anything of the sort, do not share it with anyone who has not been invited to the wedding by the couple. Even though it won’t make much of a difference, it is their personal choice and their privacy that you are disrespecting if you share the link with uninvited guests.

– Do not attend in your PJ’s

Despite the fact that you’re cozy on your couch, you shouldn’t attend the wedding in sloppy attire. You don’t have to get fully dressed up, but be sure you look presentable.

– Gifts

It could be more difficult to give a gift, however, a monetary gift is quick and easy. If you’d like to send an item as a gift, be sure to let the couple know that you will be doing so.

– Congratulations

You may not be able to speak during the livestream, as it may be a bit messy and noisy if the couple unmuted all guests at the same time. However, you should definitely send them a congratulatory message either via text or you could film yourself sending some well wishes. It will mean a lot to the newlyweds.

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