Common engagement ring mistakes to avoid

Common engagement ring mistakes to avoid

Choosing the right engagement ring can be tough. This piece of jewellery should speak to your personality and your lifestyle.

While there are many things to look out for when engagement ring shopping, there are a few things to avoid. If you’re shopping around for your future sparkler, make sure to miss making these mistakes:

Going alone:

If you’re not of the modern types who shop for the ring together, make sure to have another person close to your partner on hand. It’s like the buddy system – there is safety in numbers. Having a friend along for the ride gives you a second opinion, and is especially great if they have a deeper insight into your partner’s style and the type of ring they want.

Not doing your research beforehand:

Clarity, pavé setting, prong… Engagement ring shopping can be overwhelming with all the jargon experts throw at you. To avoid getting confused, make sure to read up on the types of settings and stones. This also helps you narrow down on how the ring will look because you can determine what your partner will like and what they won’t like.

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Not considering the four C’s:

A diamond is more than just how big it is. When evaluating this stone, make sure to take the four ‘s into account: cut, colour, clarity, and carat. These refer to the standards by which the quality of diamonds are assessed and allows one to compare diamonds.

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Buying a ring without checking ring size:

If you don’t measure your ring finger before buying your ring, you run the risk of it not fitting. While rings can be resized, it’s best to just get it right the first time to avoid this unnecessary hassle and expense. You should also take into account whether your fingers swell in higher temperatures, as this can make wearing an already tight ring even more uncomfortable.

Going for a trendy setting and/or stone:

Trends come and go, style is eternal. When shopping for your ring, focus on timeless designs that you like, not ones you think you should like because they’re trending. While you can swap out a stone and change your setting, the easiest (and less costly) option is to choose a timeless design from the beginning so that as the years go by, your love for your ring does not lesson.

Going into debt:

This one is a biggie. You need to create a budget and stick to it to avoid spending above your means. Thinking about alternatives to diamonds or expensive precious gemstones can help. For example, lab-grown diamonds are cheaper than natural ones and are the guiltless choice for those concerned about the exploitative diamond industry.

Gemstones are cheaper than diamonds, and also make for unique engagement rings. Some, like aquamarine, closely resemble coloured diamonds and can easily be a dupe for the real thing.

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