Bride buys pit bull matching wedding dress

Bride buys pit bull matching wedding dress

You’ve heard of miniature brides, but this one is pretty paw-some. Although it’s generally considered disrespectful to wear white to a wedding, this bride made a special exception for her cute little pup.

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, so why not include them in your wedding? That’s the exact thought New York-based bride Jennifer Hindieh, now Najman, and her then-fiancé Alexander Najman had. Their family of three was made when they adopted their adorable pit bull Bailey, who has since been there for every important moment in their lives.

“She’s pretty much my little partner in crime, my best friend, like our kid. She completely changed our lives from the day we adopted her,” Jennifer told I Love Dogs. “We love giving her the best life she can have and wouldn’t feel right not having her be a part of our wedding.”

So when wedding planning came around, they decided that Bailey should match her mom in a wedding dress of her own. Bailey’s custom made wedding dress was ordered from Etsy, and featured a ruffle skirt with diamante applique.

“I decided to get her a dress because honestly, she is my family, my baby and our life with her is what makes every day so special,” Jennifer told The Dodo.

Bailey looked absolutely adorable as she walked down the aisle alongside her mom. We’re sure the wedding was a barking good time.

Image: Instagram / baileythehousehippo

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