Beluga whale attends wedding

Beluga whale attends wedding

Nobody likes uninvited guests at their wedding. But what if it’s a Beluga whale? One couple was delighted when the friendly sea creature swam up to them during their aquarium wedding in Connecticut, US.

The couple obviously love the ocean and its inhabitants, and we agree, they are beautiful. Standing beneath a dome of blue water and coral fish, this was already the perfect setting. Then one more attendant swam over to be included in the festivities.

They had a whale of a time!

Belugas are naturally curious like most sea mammals, and are known to have a friendly nature. And apparently, they’re really good photobombers! The internet is having a party with the picture, captioning cute comments like: ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something Beluga!’

Picture: Bored Panda



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