Amazing "Pride and Prejudice"-Themed Proposal

Amazing “Pride and Prejudice”-Themed Proposal

For anyone who’s ever pined after their own Mr. Darcy, you’re going to swoon over this proposal story that’s two centuries in the making. Bethany Albert was visiting her parents over the holidays in Tacoma, Washington, when she unknowingly found herself starring in a real-life version of Pride and Prejudice!

The action unfolded on Christmas Eve, when she stepped into her family’s home and was seized by her sister, who exclaimed that “Mr. Bingley had returned to Netherfield at last!” The English lit major and Jane Austen fan froze when she realized what was about to unfold: “It took less than ten seconds; another sister was taking pictures and this had my boyfriend written all over it. Also knew that we were going to get engaged at some point, but he still managed to surprise me,” the bride-to-be writes on Reddit.

Albert changed into a dress more befitting of the era and was handed a script. She reprised the role of Elizabeth Bennet and acted out pivotal scenes from the novel with her parents (the honorable Mr. and Mrs. Bennet), brother-in-law (Mr. Bingley) and her boyfriend, David Slater (Mr. Darcy), among other relatives. She “just about lost it” but everyone else managed to stay in character for the entire half hour.

Then, the literary heroine and her dashing suitor took a private walk outside, where he reenacted Darcy’s second heart-stopping proposal in her neighbor’s yard (“my affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me forever”).

Check out their adorable photos below!

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