All together now: The familymoon trend

All together now: The familymoon trend

Honeymoons. That period of bliss after all the wedding chaos, when you and your new partner get to relax and enjoy each other’s company in an exotic location before settling into your new life together. But what if that new life includes kids?

Perhaps you had children before tying the knot. Maybe this is your second marriage and one or both of you have kids. Rather than go on a honeymoon alone, some couples with kids are opting to go on familymoons instead.

A familymoon is a family holiday straight after the wedding. Taking your kids on your honeymoon might seem a bit unusual, but it could be a wonderful experience for the entire family.

Remember, planning your wedding can also be stressful for your kids. Taking a familymoon will let them have some fun after all the excitement. Familymoons are also great bonding opportunities, something that is vital when integrating a family. You will also enjoy your vacation more, knowing that those you love most are enjoying themselves with you.

Some agents have capitalised on the trend and are offering many great packages that your whole family could enjoy. From beach getaways and cruises to city tours and outdoor adventures, there are plenty of options for a familymoon. Booking a family-friendly holiday means that there will definitely be activities the kids can do by themselves while you and your partner enjoy some alone time.

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