A look at Victoria Beckham's 14 wedding rings

A look at Victoria Beckham’s 14 wedding rings

You know what Victoria Beckham wants, what she really really wants? Apparently, 14 wedding rings. The former Spice Girl has not one, not two, but a whopping 14 wedding rings that she’s amassed in her 20-year marriage to football star David Beckham. Some of the rings were from her husband, and some she purchased for herself. Altogether, her ring collection is estimated to be worth a casual £10-million. Let’s take a look at the rocks she’s got…

Ring 1: 1998

Her first and official engagement ring, a 3-carat marquise-cut diamond on a yellow gold band was given to her in 1998 when she first said ‘yes’ to future husband, David.

Ring 2 : 2001

Posh Spice replaced her marquise diamond with a platinum eternity band featuring a bevelled edge and white diamonds.

Ring 3: 2003

Victoria debuted her newest ring, an emerald-cut diamond with side baguettes on a platinum band, in 2003. Bigger is clearly better in this case.

Ring 4: 2004

To celebrate her 30th birthday, David gifted Victoria with a stunning soft pink oval-cut diamond with a halo setting.

Ring 5: 2005

By 2005, Victoria upgraded yet again, this time with an estimated 17-carat pear-cut diamond on a platinum pave band.

Ring 6: 2006

One coloured diamond is not enough. Victoria got her second one in 2006, this time an emerald-cut yellow diamond on a yellow gold pave band that she often paired with to eternity bands flanking it on either side.

Ring 7: 2007

Victoria left us all green with envy with her next addition: a cushion-cut emerald with a platinum spiral setting.

Ring 8: 2008

Looking incredibly similar to her 2006 ring, Victoria added another emerald-cut diamond to her collection. However, at 15 carats, this Chopard-designed ring is much larger.

Ring 9: 2009

Victoria clearly has a thing for coloured stones. Her ninth engagement ring featured an oval-cut ruby with a diamond halo.

Ring 10: 2010

At this point, Victoria’s rings are starting to look like the rainbow. She picked up a stunning oval-cut sapphire on a platinum pave band in 2010.

Ring 11: 2010

In a surprisingly modest choice, Victoria’s 11th ring, an oval-cut pink diamond on a thin gold band, was much smaller than its predecessors.

Ring 12: 2015

And we’re back to the flash. Coming in at number 12 is Victoria’s round-cut diamond with a halo setting and round side stones. However, this one had a short lifespan. After a few months of wearing it, Victoria placed it in a vault for safekeeping.

Ring 13: 2016

This woman clearly loves diamonds. She debuted her 13th ring, a square-cut diamond on a platinum pave band, at Cannes Film Festival in 2016.

Ring 14: 2018

Victoria’s latest rock is no secret. The square-cut yellow diamond sits on a platinum pave band.

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