Which of these 8 bouquet styles will be yours?

Which of these 8 bouquet styles will be yours?

A key element of any traditional wedding, your bridal bouquet styles should not only be one that you love, but should also effortlessly match your colour palette, your decor style and your dress.

1. Nosegay – A compact cluster of flowers wrapped tight and cut to one uniform length

2. Pompander – A flower-covered ball shape, tied with a ribbon (a great option for flower girls)

3. Posy – One of the more popular options, it’s a small, round bouquet tied with ribbon

4. Hand-tied – A classic choice, it’s simply a dense bunch of flowers loosely tied together

5. Composite – Made up of different petals or buds wired together on a single stem

6. Pageant – Similar to the cascade, but more compact and pulled together

7. Cascade – A waterfall-like spill of blooms, either anchored in a holder or hand-tied

8. Round – The more buttoned-up version of a hand-tied bouquet, tied with ribbon

Illustrations: Robyn-Lee Baatjies
Header image: Unsplash

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