8 best moments from Indian Matchmaking

8 best moments from Indian Matchmaking

Docu-series Indian Matchmaking, premiered on Netflix and immediately captured viewers attention. From picky participants to Auntie Sima, the matchmaker, the show is non-stop entertainment.

Although it was intended to be a look into the world of matchmaking in the India and among Indians in the diaspora, the show much like other reality series, had people in stitches and rooting for different characters.

Here are our best moments from the show.

1.When Aparna complains about everything 

No doubt cast as the villain of the show Aparna is really hard to please. There is almost nothing Aparna can’t complain about or find something wrong with. From “hating comedy” to her job, the list of what she hates is longer than what she likes (which pretty much only includes travel).

2. Auntie Sima’s stars in alignment 

One of the most meme’d moments of the series is when Auntie Sima says that her work is worthless unless the “stars are aligned”, oh how we wish we could all use that excuse when we fail.

3. Pradhyuman’s terrible small talk 

Pradhyuman is a constantly terrible date throughout the show. The spoilt rich boy is either saying cringe-worthy pick-up lines, being outright rude or carrying on terrible conversation. His peak has to be when he asked Rushali what kind of animals she liked, “Mammals, or like sea life?” absolutely ended audiences.

4. Everything Pandit Dilip Bhatt

This astronomers guidance for Auntie Sima is always hilarious. From talking about sex lives to a very uncomfortable Sima to saying “Lord Jupiter is now driving your bus”, Pandit Ji always came out with something a bit crazy. Often though, he was pretty spot on about these daters.

5. Aparna’s Goat date 

Aparna hates everything and she surprisingly didn’t hate this. Calling it “relaxing” her face told a different story as she squirmed with the little goat sitting on her mat. While this bizarre take on yoga is an acquired taste, we were not shocked that Aparna couldn’t handle it.

7. Aunti Sima not knowing what dogs are 

This was ridiculous. When walking around Aparna’s house, Auntie Sima sees two paintings of what are clearly dogs on her wall. Without missing a beat she says “You have put these pictures of these kittens.” The internet went mad for this, and Aparna nicely corrected her.

8. Ashkay’s stressful mother 

Oh where to start with Ashkay’s mother. The man was already looking for someone exactly like her and this hectic mom was totally in agreement. From wanting the girl to be “flexible” to needing her son and this woman to get married so his older brother can have children, Preeti’s demands were pretty high.

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