5 ways to get more spray for your pay

5 ways to get more spray for your pay

Perfume is expensive. How you smell is priceless. What most don’t know is that there is a right and wrong way of using a fragrance. You need to get your money’s worth out of each bottle and we are here to tell you how…

Apply to hotspots:

Don’t spray your neck. Let your body work its natural magic and apply perfume to certain heat points. Your belly-button, the small of your back, inside your elbows and the back of your knees and neck are places that work best. Heat points create a sillage that will develop your fragrance as you go about your day.

Oscar de la Renta’s Bella Blanca (exclusively available at Dis-Chem Pharmacies) is a scintillating floral fragrance with notes of fresh jasmine, tuberose and freesia – and further develops to grounding sandalwood and musk as it warms.

Spray, don’t rub:

Ever notice how your scent changes throughout the day? Don’t interrupt the natural process by rubbing your skin. Rather let it simmer to maximise results. Heat-activated enzymes from rubbing prevents your scent from developing properly within each note stage.

Keep it shady:

This is important. Don’t expose the bottle to heat. While your fragrance looks beautiful perched on your bathroom cabinet, it won’t last very long. Fragrance is sensitive to light and heat.

Spray wisely:

Concentrated fragrances, like Eau de Parfum are slightly more intense than lighter Eau de Cologne or Eau de Toilette solutions. Choose something a little more potent and save on the sprays. Less is more when your fragrance is beautiful and bold.

A good kind of clingy:

Spraying perfume onto dry skin or clothing is pointless. Fragrance needs moisture to hold onto, so apply your scent to clean, well-moisturised skin to give it maximum staying power.

Written by: Robyn Simpson

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