5 Vintage touches for your groomsmen

5 Vintage touches for your groomsmen

There’s nothing like a few vintage touches to complete your groomsmen’s look. With some attention to detail and few suave styles, they’ll look like the true and very dapper gentlemen they are. Here are five ways to pull off the look.

1 Waistcoats, suspenders and rolled up sleeves

Waistcoats, either as part of a three-piece suit or as an alternative to a jacket for a casual wedding, waistcoats add a great extra touch. As with the blazer or trousers, you can choose to match your suit or opt for a contrasting fabric, colour or pattern. Pair with a set of suspenders and rolled up sleeves for a more casual wedding, or with a great blazer for something more formal.

Vintage groomsmen - waistcoats

2 Old-school fabrics

Yes, we’re talking about velvet and tweed. This is a statement look not for everyone, but tweeds, houndstooth and plaid are fun and stylish. Channel your inner countryman by tweeding it up, or transport to centuries past by donning elegant velvet.

Vintage groomsmen – tweetd

3 Pocket watches

There are few accessories for men (in comparison to women), but a pocket watch is just so charming and… vintage. What a great addition to a look, and will keep things running on time too – that’s if it still works.

Vintage groomsmen – pocketwatch

4 Bow ties

Whether vintage themed or not, the bow tie is the epitome of chic for any gent. Fashionable since the 18th century, choose a fabric with a print, tweed or even sequinned for a smart look with a bit of fun.

Vintage gentlemen – Bow-Tie

5 Hats

Don the fedora, bowler or boater hat for a seriously smart look. It finishes the look off with stylish ease, and offers gents something a little different.

Vintage gentlemen – Hats

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