Why micro-weddings will be big in 2021

Why micro-weddings will be big in 2021

Weddings, like a whole lot of other industries, have been heavily affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Experts say it’s likely to continue to change as trends adapt to current affairs. It’s safe to say that most couples who planned to get married in 2020 either cancelled or postponed their weddings. Some might have pushed through to get married online or at home.

Couples who are looking to tie the knot next year, however, might also have to look into the best way to do that. Destination weddings, for example, might not be possible for a whole lot longer than we think, as well as honeymoons abroad.

One wedding trend that’s been around for years but has recently become the go-to is the micro-wedding. That’s because some countries like the US and Sweden have not gone into lockdown, but are under social distancing regulations which mean they may move around freely but certain rules apply. Hence, those who got married had to scale down.

Micro-weddings have many benefits, and we believe it’s only going to get more popular. Here’s why.

It’s cost-effective

It’s simple math: the more guests, the more expenses. Having a small gathering of 10 to 20 guests means cheaper catering. A smaller venue means less decor, and so it goes on. After the coronavius crippled the world economy, many couples might seek to save a few bucks and this is the perfect way.

It’s more intimate

Having to single out only your closest family members or friends will ensure that the event is more meaningful and intimate. You will have time to hang out with everyone individually, and create special memories with the people that really matter.

Fewer practical arrangements

This is a big one for many brides who plan their own weddings. Everyone knows how stressful all the arrangements can be, and more often than not, things go wrong. With fewer people comes less responsibility, and you’ll have more time to just relax and enjoy the time leading up to the wedding.

It’s less pressure

Modern society can easily turn into a situation where everything is a competition. Every couple tries to outshine the next and expectations from others can put a lot of pressure on the couple. Micro-weddings shift the focus back where it belongs: on the couple who want to celebrate their love.

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