What's trending in the wedding world of: Decor and food

What’s trending in the wedding world of: Decor and food

Trends are ever-changing in the wedding world. If you’re looking for inspiration or maybe want to avoid what’s being overdone, then have a look at what’s trending in the wedding world of decor and food. Whatever the reason, these trends are great ideas or additions to your wedding.



It’s the colour of the year! What’s more trendy than that? Trendiness aside, it really is a beautiful colour. What’s really nice is, it’s feminine without being ‘that typical’. You can use coral as your accents of colour.

Balloon backdrops

Flower backdrops are out and balloons are in. Use it to make a statement or fun photo back-drop.

Non traditional and traditional colour palettes

Some couples tend to stick to the norm while others are making use of ‘edgy’ colour schemes.


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This morning I shared some stories about the Amazon rainforest -(very briefly though because I am off to Cadiz tomorrow to start round 2 of the wedding season and I’ve only just finished for the day!) – I feel overwhelmed by the coverage on my news feed, together people are waking up, getting involved and showing their support. @darkmaito is giving away a private mentorship for everyone who collaborates with @wwfspain and he has lost count of the number of entries he has received today! This is just one example, so many of you out there are doing everything in your hands to protect and restore our planet and this means everything. . Saying goodnight and leaving you with a warm earthy place setting and optimistic vibes ✨ . Photographer @darkmaito

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Royal flowers

Even though balloons are in, some couples are incorporating a little ‘royal affair’. Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding, making use of  big flower installations are in! The royal couple had a beautiful and dramatic flower-filled entrance. Ellie Goulding followed this royal trend too!

Smoke bombs

It makes for great pictures. Remember a couple years back when the in thing was to have your guests hold sparklers as you kiss your partner and the camera goes off? Now it’s smoke bombs!


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Speciality food trucks

Food trucks have been trending in general so there’s no reason why your wedding can’t feature them either. Since they’re so popular, there’s a variety of different kinds available. From food to bars to dessert!

Statement cakes

Couples seem to be reviving the old trend of wedding cakes as a ‘centrepiece’. Weddings are starting to feature big and bold statement wedding cakes again.

Banquets and harvest tables

If food trucks aren’t your thing but you don’t want to stick with the norm of sit down or buffet dinners, then how about Banquets and harvest tables? They look so grand and your guests will be able to choose from a variety of dishes.

Gin bars

Gin is in! Well, it has been for a while and it still is. So incorporating a gin bar where people can customise their cocktail is a really funky and great idea. You can have a few gin options available along with different mixers.

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