Wedding traditions to leave behind

Wedding traditions to leave behind

Picture this. It’s your big day in a few months time and you feel completely torn between whether you want to stick to tradition or scrap it all and reinvent a whole new wedding style. Not to worry, we’re breaking down the standard options to provide alternatives to wedding traditions to leave behind and give a variety of options and creative ways to celebrate with your loved ones.


While regarded as a symbol of purity, the traditional white wedding dress only became popular after Queen Victoria opposed the norm by wearing a white lace and satin gown for her wedding with Prince Albert in 1840. It is still a popular option for many brides today, but definitely has room for change. If you want to be daring and different, opt for colours like red, black or gold. Pastels of blue, pink, cream and grey have also become stunning options that break tradition.

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Some believe that bridal bouquets were used to mask the stench of the brides, who only showered once or twice a year before running water was a norm. But brides would also carry herbs and spices to protect themselves from evil spirits. While it may seem odd to walk down the aisle empty-handed, there are plenty alternatives to holding a bunch of flowers. Make a glamorous entrance carrying a matching clutch purse, or be unique with themed balloons or coloured ribbon. Having an outdoor wedding? Carry a stunning custom umbrella to match your dress.

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A standard norm for weddings is for the bride to be walked down the aisle by her father to be ‘given away’ to her future husband. In older times, this was a symbol of transferring ownership of the bride from her current family to her new family. While still a common practice, modern times have seen brides walk down the aisle alone, with both parents, or a close loved one.



Way back in the day, bridesmaids would dress similarly to the bride to confuse evil spirits and anyone trying to harm the bride. Nowadays, they are a group of women hand-picked by the bride-to-be to offer support and perform certain bridal duties. Even if you aren’t too keen on this tradition, it’s a great idea to have a group of close friends by your side to offer support assistance in planning your big day, and their outfits can be unique too!

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This interesting tradition began (supposedly) as a way to distract the wedding guests while the happy couple engaged in the consummation of their marriage. Strange, right? Nowadays the throwing of the bouquet and garter are meant to bring luck and love to whoever catches them. While this can be a fun treat, it can also be slightly embarrassing for all the singletons taking part. Wedding games that include everyone are fun and creative. Have the bride and groom participate in a ‘How Much Do You Know About Your S/O’ for some light-hearted entertainment during the evening.

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Traditions are always changing, as do their meanings in our lives. Whether you choose to follow tradition or not, it shouldn’t be an issue for your big day. Whatever a practice means to you, it should only be a part of your day because you want it to be. Don’t feel pressured to follow the norms if you don’t agree with them or value them in your own life. Your wedding day is all about you and the celebration of love!

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