Newlyweds buy coffee for homeless on their wedding day

Newlyweds buy coffee for the homeless on their wedding day

Weddings are such a happy time and everyone is in the spirit of giving. One couple felt especially generous and spent their wedding day buying coffee for homeless people in the area.

Jordan Cuff and Bhavana Gupta from Cardiff tied the knot on October 19 in a small intimate ceremony at the Cardiff City hall. The young couple got engaged in May last year and had planned to have a big wedding of 80 to 100 guests but the COVID pandemic tampered with their plans.

Only Jordan’s family could make it to the ceremony because Bhaavana’s family is in Italy and they would have to isolate for 14 days on arrival for the wedding.

Jordan came up with a creative alternative to having her parents present by making cardboard cut-outs of them.

“We were allowed 10 people, including our photographer and videographer and then that perfectly fit the number of our immediate family and then last week they announced that the quarantine in Italy was coming into effect the day they [Bhavana’s family] were due to come over so they couldn’t come. So I ordered these cardboard cutouts  to take their place.” Said Jordan.

They had the whole ceremony streamed on Youtube so extended family members could watch and be present on the day.

The lockdown restrictions did not even allow them to host a post-wedding party celebration so instead, they decided to go to Jordan’s favourite coffee shop. While having their coffee, the couple decided to buy 30 homeless people coffee to seal off their day. The coffee owner says Jordan has bought 10 strangers coffee before this so this was no surprise.

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THE HAPPY DAY So yes, that thing happened today, rather than talking about it for now though, we’ll share something positive that happened instead. These crazy kids got married by a pretty narrow margin ahead of lockdown and the wedding party came and hung out (conscious of safety and distancing) in the seating area with some coffees. Jordan has been a regular for a while and it was an honour and a privilege to serve the two of them on their big day. (Apparently channel 4 news even got in on the act so their big day may be broadcast to a pretty wide audience!) Then they did something totally cool after enjoying their brews, Jordan came and put THIRTY homeless drinks on the board to pay it forward having already put ten up yesterday!! His thinking.. they couldn’t have the wedding they planned with all of the guests they wanted and the expensive meals that naturally come with that. So they wanted to take some of that saving and give it to people who would appreciate it on a chilly October morning. What wonderful humans and what a way to think of others on that one day most of us would call “our day” We wish the happy couple a lifetime of happiness and adventures. 🎉🎉🎉🎉

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The couple is planning to have a bigger celebration when the rules allow it.

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