Newly unveiled: Hats

Newly unveiled: Hats

Bridal hats are the new accessory that has taken the bridal world by storm. It has become the one item that’s able to join contemporary with the classic bridal aesthetic. Brides are ditching the traditional veil and opting for this new head accessory.

The term ‘bridal hat’ could be misconstrued as an ‘aged’ trend, but designers are creating cutting edge creations for brides-to-be to choose from. Things to consider when choosing the perfect hat would be your wedding location, your theme and also the overall aesthetic of your décor look and feel.

Below are different options as to how you can incorporate hats into your big day’s bridal look:

Hat R1 500, Crystal Birch; blazer R1 199 & pants R679, both ZARA; necklace R280, YDE; ring R312 795, Shimansky; gloves stylist’s own.
Hat R1 250, Crystal Birch; top R7 999 and skirt R17 999, both Gavin Rajah; earrings POR, Shimansky.
Hat POR, Mambona Hats; dress R22 000, Elbeth Gillis; ring R312 795, Shimansky.

Feature image: Irina (left): Hat POR, Mambona Hats; dress R16 000, Elbeth Gillis; earrings R300 195 and necklace POR, both Shimansky; and Carmen (right):  hat POR, Mambona Hats; bodysuit R9 200 and skirt R16 500, both Elbeth Gillis.

As seen in Wedding Album Magazine 1/2019 issue (Prices correct at time of print)

By Rojaun Devos

All images: Gareth van Nelson

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