How to keep your guest list under control

How to keep your guest list under control

Guest lists will have to be smaller for the foreseeable future amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as weddings are allowed to continue again, we predict there will be a strict limit on how many people may gather.

As a result, couples will have to be extra cautious when determining who will attend their wedding. Beyond this, your guest list size is also a key issue because it will largely affect the total cost of your wedding.

Here are some tips for creating a list and sticking to it.

Decide who plans the list:

In most cases, you, your fiance, and both of your families will each have their own idea about who should be invited.  While everyone can share how they feel, it’s key to discuss beforehand who has the final say on the list.

To get off on the right foot, have everyone involved submit a list of the people they’d like to attend. They should rank the names in order of importance, starting at the top. Then you and your fiance can compare the lists and cross off any duplications. Add up the numbers that are left to determine how close you are to your estimated count and figure out how many more people you may need to eliminate (or, if you’re lucky, who you can add). Then, have each of the parties involved cut an assigned number of names, starting from the bottom of his or her personal list. This way, both families are treated fairly, while you manage to keep control over the size of the guest list.

Make an A and B List:

While it may sound harsh, there are some guests that are more important than others. Having your parents and best friends present is probably more meaningful than your cousin twice removed. A good idea is to create separate lists: your A and B list.

In list A, include all the essential people you want at your wedding, like your close family and best friends. Anyone you deem non-essential but would be nice to have around should go in your B list. This will include colleagues, distant relatives and neighbours.

Determine budget and venue:

Before going crazy with your list, it’s helpful to know what you can afford and what your budget allows. There is no point in having a long list if your venue can only accommodate 100 people. When venue shopping, keep in mind whether you want a small. medium-sized or large wedding.

Similarly, you need to know that you have the budget to back this up. If you want a big wedding, you need to have the funds or a plan to be able to finance a wedding of this scale before inviting people. You don’t want to have to un-invite people later, or scrimp on other aspects of your big day.

Adults only:

An easy way to limit a guest-list is to go child-free. While it’s cute to have nieces and nephews in your wedding, some decide that no other children who are not in the wedding party may be invited. This also helps to cut down on costs of an on-site babysitter for super small kids, and needing entertainment to prevent tiny tots from boredom.

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