How to choose your dream bridal beauty team

How to choose your dream bridal beauty team

Considering that your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, you naturally want to look and feel your best. Having a group of experts on hand to perfect your skin, hair and make-up is a non-negotiable but finding the right make-up artist and hairstylist can be tricky. Here, we round up expert tips to help you find the perfect bridal beauty team.

1 Do your homework

Before you even start meeting potential experts, you need to know exactly how you want your hair and make-up to look on your big day. Start collecting inspirational images and research potential hair stylists and make-up artists online, narrowing down your list to a few that you can meet in person. Alternatively, you can ask a trustworthy and reliable friend or relative to do your hair or make-up, or you can go at it alone if you are confident enough in your beauty skills. Scour YouTube for tutorials and practice, practice, practice!


2 Trial and error

Book run-throughs with the professionals that have made your cut and take plenty of references with to show them exactly what you’re after. This is a great way to see if they are the right fit for you and your bridal party. Be honest with them and don’t be shy to ask them to alter things you aren’t wild about. It’s a good idea to keep the make-up on and your hair styled all day to test if they’ll hold up for the entire ceremony and reception.

3 Set in stone

As soon as you’ve decided on your ultimate glam squad, be sure to make the necessary bookings for your wedding day to avoid disappointment. Specify exactly what time you need them to be there, where the venue is, the cost of their services, how many people they’ll be working on and a refund policy (if need be). Keep them in the loop if anything changes before your big day or if you’re having second thoughts about your hair or make-up look.

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