An out-of-this-word stone: Peridot engagement rings

An out-of-this-word stone: Peridot engagement rings

Peridot may be an unusual and largely unknown stone for an engagement ring, but that’s exactly what makes it so special. Modern brides wanting to be different should opt for this unique and incredibly rare green stone that is truly otherworldly.

Peridot is a remarkable stone found in lava, meteorites, and deep in the earth’s mantle. Most of it is formed deep inside the earth when the seafloor spreads and splits the earth’s crust. Rocks from its mantle are then pushed to the surface of the earth. The gem also often occurs in volcanic rocks called basalts.

This unique stone is truly out of this world. According to the Gemological Institute of America, a rare version of peridot was found in pallasite meteorites, remnants of our solar system’s birth. In 1749 a meteorite containing peridot crystals was found on a desolate hilltop in Siberia, and it is believed to have fallen to the earth’s surface some 14.8 million years ago.

In 2005, peridot was found in comet dust brought back from the Stardust robotic space probe.

Some scientists even believe large portions of the moon are made of these crystals.

It’s name is derived from the French word ‘peritôt’ meaning ‘unclear’, as a result of the stone’s numerous imperfections and internal fractures. The word also comes from the Arabic ‘faridat’, meaning ‘gem’.

While typically yellow-green in hue, the stone can range in colour from brown-green to pure green.

Early historical texts suggest it was first mined in an island of the Red Sea called Topazios, now called St. John’s Island or Zabargad.

This stunning stone was much loved by the Egyptians, who called it ‘the gem of the sun’.  Some wore it as a form of protection to ward off evil spirits.

Because of its look and hue, peridot was often confused for both emerald and topaz. In fact, the gems on the shrine of the Three Holy Kings in Germany’s Cologne Cathedral are peridots, not emeralds, as was long believed. Some historians even believe that Cleopatra’s extensive emerald collection might have largely been made up of peridot.

Peridot is the birthstone of August babies and also symbolic of 16 years of marriage. It is considered the stone of compassion and believed to bring good health, peace, and balance to relationships.

It ranks a 6 and a half to 7 on the Mohs scale of Hardness, meaning it is durable enough for everyday wear. However, it is sensitive to heat, acids, ammonia, and hot water so wearers must be cautious.

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