How to choose the perfect wedding dress for your body type

How to choose the perfect wedding dress for your body type

We’ve all imagined what our ‘perfect dress’ would look like and have idolised certain styles that would suit our body type, but sometimes what we want doesn’t always match up to the real thing.

When it comes to choosing a wedding dress, there are a couple of things to consider (see how to find your perfect wedding dress according to experts), but a good way to start is figuring out your body type and what styles will suit you best.


1. Apple – Full bust with rounded torso and hips
2. Athletic – Tall, slim and a straight waistline
3. Curvy/hourglass – Defined waist, full bust and rounded hips
4. Pear – Wide hips and slim shoulders with a small waist
5. Petite – Slim and small frame
6. Tall – Over 1.75 m with a varying frame
7. Triangle – Broad shoulders and slim hips with a straight waist



This style is perfect for an hourglass shape as it will accentuate your curves.


Those with a tall and slim frame will suit this look beautifully and elegantly.


Tea-length dresses are perfect for those with an apple shape. They accentuate the frame and provide the look of having a longer torso and legs.


This stunning princess-inspired look will let athletic and pear frames shine by balancing the proportions of bust to hips.


This particular neckline flatters larger busts, complementing an hourglass shape.

Halter neck

Having the focal point be your neck, halter necks give the allusion of narrow shoulders, suiting tall and athletic builds.


Elegant and sweet, strapless dresses allow petite shapes to appear taller, while also flattering a smaller bust.


This style suits triangle shapes by balancing out the hips-to-bust ratio and giving a more defined waist.


The sweetheart gives the allusion of smaller shoulders, suiting those with broad shoulders and fuller busts.

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